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Did PFW Turn a Corner? The Scoop on the Spring 2020 Paris Shows

Naturally, one cannot talk about heritage houses without discussing Chanel. Let’s get one thing out of the way: That crasher. As the models did their finale lap, a woman shot through the audience and leapt onto the stage, strutting with her hand on her hip until Gigi Hadid, in what was described by many as the most “boss” move of the season, wrangled her off stage. The crasher was Marie Benolie, a French comedian and Youtube star who goes by the moniker Marie S’Infiltre. Some found it frightenin

Ashley Graham As You’ve Never Seen Her Before

“Thank you for giving me confidence,” reads a comment on model Ashley Graham’s Instagram page. “Thank you so much for building up our girls,” reads another. “You are really doing something for women,” wrote a fan. Say what you will about the fashion industry, but this curvy, 28-year-old stunner is proving that it can truly be used as a platform to make a bona fide difference. Graham, who, in addition to being a top IMG model, is a body activist, designs lingerie and swimwear, will appear on th

The Fighter

Reed Krakoff bought his label from Coach for $50 million. Now he's out to prove that he can build the next great American luxury brand on his own. Profile by Katharine K. Zarrella. Photographs by Reed Krakoff. Saturday night, Newark, N.J. Five days before the start of New York fashion week. Alistair Overeem had Frank Mir in a tight hold and he was beating his skull, beating it until a lump the size of a tennis ball erupted on Mir's forehead. The crowd was going wild. And Reed Krakoff—yes, that

It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and Fashion Feels Fine

“It’s a sick fucking world we live in,” said a friend of mine while scrolling through the news the other day. She’s right. War, terrorism, disease, natural disasters, racism, school shootings, and worse are increasingly permeating headlines. And in the past year—what with ISIS, Ebola, Gaza, Malaysia Airlines flight 370, and the conflict in Ukraine (just to name a few recent crises)—I’ve started to entertain the idea that the guy in the tinfoil helmet standing on Fifth Avenue preaching the end of

Hoppy and Healthy

"Someone once told me that bunny people were lesbians," quipped actress, comedian, author, and rabbit expert Amy Sedaris. "I thought that was so funny." Sedaris, who is, for the record, not a lesbian, has been a bunny person since the nineties. She's had two of the little critters over the years. The first, Tattletale, was an impulse buy after gazing into a pet shop window. She adopted the second, a black-and-white Mini Rex named Dusty, who passed away recently at the age of 12. "I'm still in m

Fashion Over Function: Why Wearable Tech Is the Worst

News broke yesterday morning that Google has enlisted Luxottica—the company that crafts eyewear for such brands as Prada, Ray-Ban, Chanel, Versace, and beyond—to make Google Glass less hideous. That’s all good and fine—at least the Internet giant is placing an appropriate amount of importance on aesthetics. But I have to be honest: I am deeply tired of hearing about, writing about, and thinking about wearable tech. I have no desire to be hooked up to a device all day. The nonstop e-mail-induced

Instagram Fears the Nipple: An Exclusive Interview with Anja Rubik About Getting Kicked Off the Social Platform, and Celebrating the Naked Body

Instagram doesn’t just fear the nipple—it’s terrified of it. This morning, Anja Rubik’s erotic magazine, 25, was kicked off the social media platform without warning. Why, you ask? 25 had posted an image or two that included partial female nudity. (One of said images may or may not have been a screen shot of yesterday’s homepage, which featured Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello’s transparent Fall ’14 finale look.) And that, apparently, was just not acceptable. “I think this whole thing is ri

Isabella Blow: Beyond the Eccentric

Curator Alistair O’Neill only met the late Isabella Blow once. He was at an art opening with designer Julien Macdonald, one of the late, great Blow’s charges, whom he studied with at the Royal College of Art. “Isabella was wearing a famous Philip Treacy hat, which is in the exhibition. It had feathers around the eyes, which covered her nose and her mouth and her forehead,” he recalled. “I spent the evening talking to her and was completely fascinated. But all that I could concentrate on were her


What Is Camp? Reflections On Its Impact On Fashion Today

Have you figured out camp yet? No, I’m not talking about pitching a tent in the wilderness for a few days. I’m referring to camp as it pertains to culture, behavior, and aesthetics. This camp is the theme for 2019’s Costume Institute exhibition (sponsored, appropriately, by Gucci) and Met Gala (co-chaired by Lady Gaga and Harry Styles). And since the show’s title, “Camp: Notes on Fashion”, was revealed back in September, fashion obsessives have been scratching their heads trying to decipher just

Rok Hwang Is Reconstructing Womenswear With His Brand, Rokh

Rok Hwang creates impeccable garments. Then, he dismembers them. “We destroy the perfect collection—I think there’s a beauty in that” said the 34-year-old, London-based designer, who launched his womenswear line, Rokh, in 2016. Naturally, he doesn’t leave his buttery leather jackets, tailored suits, or signature duffel coats slashed on the floor. Rather, in Frankensteinian fashion, he and his all-female team splice the cut-up wares back together to create something entirely new. “We call it ‘rec