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Did PFW Turn a Corner? The Scoop on the Spring 2020 Paris Shows

Naturally, one cannot talk about heritage houses without discussing Chanel. Let’s get one thing out of the way: That crasher. As the models did their finale lap, a woman shot through the audience and leapt onto the stage, strutting with her hand on her hip until Gigi Hadid, in what was described by many as the most “boss” move of the season, wrangled her off stage. The crasher was Marie Benolie, a French comedian and Youtube star who goes by the moniker Marie S’Infiltre. Some found it frightenin

Kate Spade's New Creative Director Opens Up About Honoring the Late Designer's Legacy

After Kate Spade's Spring 2019 show—the brand’s first ever—guests rushed across the pale pink runway to congratulate a slim Northern Irish woman with icy blue eyes and a sleek blonde bob. They did so in the mistaken belief that she was the new creative director, Nicola Glass, a Gucci and Michael Kors alum who had been tapped to head the Tapestry-owned label in November 2017. Only it wasn’t Glass. It was Tara Barwick, Glass’s twin, a London-based radiologist who had flown in for her sister’s debu

Ashley Graham As You’ve Never Seen Her Before

“Thank you for giving me confidence,” reads a comment on model Ashley Graham’s Instagram page. “Thank you so much for building up our girls,” reads another. “You are really doing something for women,” wrote a fan. Say what you will about the fashion industry, but this curvy, 28-year-old stunner is proving that it can truly be used as a platform to make a bona fide difference. Graham, who, in addition to being a top IMG model, is a body activist, designs lingerie and swimwear, will appear on th
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