Did PFW Turn a Corner? The Scoop on the Spring 2020 Paris Shows

Naturally, one cannot talk about heritage houses without discussing Chanel. Let’s get one thing out of the way: That crasher. As the models did their finale lap, a woman shot through the audience and leapt onto the stage, strutting with her hand on her hip until Gigi Hadid, in what was described by many as the most “boss” move of the season, wrangled her off stage. The crasher was Marie Benolie, a French comedian and Youtube star who goes by the moniker Marie S’Infiltre. Some found it frightenin

Live Review: Brandon Maxwell S/S 20 Womenswear

Journalist Katharine K. Zarrella reviews the Brandon Maxwell S/S 20 Womenswear show live from New York. Zarrella discusses Maxwell's career alongside Lady Gaga, his new feelgood Americana aesthetic - introduced in the pink set, dancing and music - and the introduction of menswear to the brand. Commenting on a shift within the brand, Zarrella notes on the seemingly new direction that Maxwell takes with this collection. Fantasy rooted in reality.

Live Review: Tomo Koizumi S/S 20 Womenswear

Journalist Katharine K. Zarrella reviews the Tomo Koizumi S/S 20 Womenswear show live from New York. Zarrella discusses the beginning of Koizumi’s career after being discovered by Katie Grand, his recent collaboration with Marc Jacobs and the exuberance of last season's collection. Noting a mature shift in this show, she comments on the eroticism of a single transgender model Ariel Nicholson dressing and undressing in the presentation.

What Is Camp? Reflections On Its Impact On Fashion Today

Have you figured out camp yet? No, I’m not talking about pitching a tent in the wilderness for a few days. I’m referring to camp as it pertains to culture, behavior, and aesthetics. This camp is the theme for 2019’s Costume Institute exhibition (sponsored, appropriately, by Gucci) and Met Gala (co-chaired by Lady Gaga and Harry Styles). And since the show’s title, “Camp: Notes on Fashion”, was revealed back in September, fashion obsessives have been scratching their heads trying to decipher just

Rok Hwang Is Reconstructing Womenswear With His Brand, Rokh

Rok Hwang creates impeccable garments. Then, he dismembers them. “We destroy the perfect collection—I think there’s a beauty in that” said the 34-year-old, London-based designer, who launched his womenswear line, Rokh, in 2016. Naturally, he doesn’t leave his buttery leather jackets, tailored suits, or signature duffel coats slashed on the floor. Rather, in Frankensteinian fashion, he and his all-female team splice the cut-up wares back together to create something entirely new. “We call it ‘rec
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