What Is Camp? Reflections On Its Impact On Fashion Today

Have you figured out camp yet? No, I’m not talking about pitching a tent in the wilderness for a few days. I’m referring to camp as it pertains to culture, behavior, and aesthetics. This camp is the theme for 2019’s Costume Institute exhibition (sponsored, appropriately, by Gucci) and Met Gala (co-chaired by Lady Gaga and Harry Styles). And since the show’s title, “Camp: Notes on Fashion”, was revealed back in September, fashion obsessives have been scratching their heads trying to decipher just

Rok Hwang Is Reconstructing Womenswear With His Brand, Rokh

Rok Hwang creates impeccable garments. Then, he dismembers them. “We destroy the perfect collection—I think there’s a beauty in that” said the 34-year-old, London-based designer, who launched his womenswear line, Rokh, in 2016. Naturally, he doesn’t leave his buttery leather jackets, tailored suits, or signature duffel coats slashed on the floor. Rather, in Frankensteinian fashion, he and his all-female team splice the cut-up wares back together to create something entirely new. “We call it ‘rec

Gareth Pugh reinvents Claude Montana’s most iconic looks

Claude Montana defined an era of high-impact fashion. The iconic French designer’s outsized silhouettes, deft tailoring, and sculptural use of leather gave birth to the look we all associate with the 1980s—one of power, decadence, and drama. Between the mid 1970s and the late ’90s, Montana set the pace of Paris fashion, delivering extreme looks, megawatt shows, and even working with celebrities like Cher. However, he was maniacal when it came to design, and no matter how grand the dream he deliv

Kate Spade's New Creative Director Opens Up About Honoring the Late Designer's Legacy

After Kate Spade's Spring 2019 show—the brand’s first ever—guests rushed across the pale pink runway to congratulate a slim Northern Irish woman with icy blue eyes and a sleek blonde bob. They did so in the mistaken belief that she was the new creative director, Nicola Glass, a Gucci and Michael Kors alum who had been tapped to head the Tapestry-owned label in November 2017. Only it wasn’t Glass. It was Tara Barwick, Glass’s twin, a London-based radiologist who had flown in for her sister’s debu

"I question everything constantly": Craig Green on how he pushes fashion forward

Craig Green is one of the most exciting young designers working today—hands down. Just look at his recently launched Fall 2018 Moncler Genius collaboration, which is being celebrated in New York this evening. It’s one part post-apocalyptic Michelin Man, one part outsized samurai warrior. Or his Spring 2019 outing, which combined boxy silhouettes, inventive fabrications, and wearable sculpture to a chill-inducing effect. The 32-year-old Central Saint Martins MA graduate has been the toast of his

"It is hard to do ‘new’ when it doesn’t sell": Richard Buckley on fashion's 'new' problem

Few people understand fashion as thoroughly as Richard Buckley—largely because, over the course of his nearly 40-year career, the legendary journalist and former editor-in-chief of Vogue Hommes International has seen it all. Having worked under Women’s Wear Daily’s John Fairchild starting in the late ’70s, Buckley has watched fashion both evolve and repeat itself, making him uniquely qualified to discuss the industry’s perceived “newness” crisis, which is explored via an in-depth essay in Docume
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