“Don’t get wrapped up in the hype,” and other advices from Katharine K. Zarrella – 1 Granary

“Can everyone please, please crawl out of this man’s ass?” In fashion writing, not everyone tells it like it is. Katharine K. Zarrella does. The remark was fired at Kanye West a few months ago, when he sent out last-minute invites for his NYFW fashion-show-performance, which time-wise would interfere with the Parsons MFA Fashion Design and Society graduate show.

Fashion Unfiltered Toasts Launch at Gramercy Park Hotel

Katharine Zarrella, who previously worked at Style.com (which is set to become an e-commerce site under Condé Nast) and V magazine, took to the Gramercy Park Hotel Wednesday night to toast the launch of FashionUnfiltered.com on Friday. “Honestly, if there was ever a time to launch a fashion magazine, there’s kind of a lot to talk about right now,” said Zarrella on the hotel’s terrace, where she was throwing a dinner party for many of the site’s contributors. “As a relatively young journalist, th

Fashion Criticism Gets an Independent New Voice

Here’s one major sign that Katharine Zarrella doesn’t fit the mold of the stereotypical chilly fashion editor — she’s up for letting her employees crash with her. As she gears up for Fashion Week and the launch of her site, Fashion Unfiltered, Zarrella mentions offhandedly that she’s extended an invite to her Brooklyn-dwelling staffers to stay over at her apartment in case the weather gets hairy during Fashion Week.